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You are about to initiate a remote access session with a Mighty Mouse Computer Consulting, Inc. (MMCC) technician.

This involves granting temporary access to a MMCC technician to your computer.

If at anytime you want to discontinue the session, you can simply close the Rescue Gateway dialog box that will appear during the session.

Remote Access Agreement
MMCC agrees to keep all information witnessed confidential, except as required by law.

I agree to the rate of $1.50/ per minute with a 15 minute minimum. I agree to pay the balance due to MMCC via money order or check within 10 business days. Credit card payments through PayPal are also available at additional charge.

I understand that if there is a problem during the session that requires an in-person appointment, I will have to wait until the next available MMCC in-person appointment is available.

If this remote session is conducted in a city other than Tucson, AZ, I understand that a MMCC technician will be unable to fix any problems that require an in-person visit.

I understand that any computer work carries risk, and agree to hold MMCC harmless except in the case of gross negligence.

If you agree to the above,
enter your 6-digit PIN code: