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What is a CMS?

A content management system is a piece of software that allows you to edit the content on your website without having any web design skills.

In the first step, a web designer creates a series of CMS templates which your pages are dropped into. You then use a simple interface to add, edit or delete the content on your pages. You can also quickly and easily create new pages yourself.

Why do I need one?

There are many benefits to using a CMS. The biggest might be that you can update it yourself as often as you like, without the need to call a web design company and pay for the changes each time.

To stay competitive in this day and age, websites need to be far more than a static brochure.

If your customers see the same thing each time they visit your website, they will quickly stop visiting. A CMS will allow you to quickly and easily transform your website into an interesting and dynamic marketing tool.

What features does this CMS offer?

  • Multi-User Publishing - You can designate users to have access to as much or as little of the site as you want.
  • Extensive Undo Options! - Unlike most CMS, ours allows you to undo any change saved in the last 30 days, including pages that have been deleted!
  • Optimization for search engine(s) features - You can easily specify the keywords and descriptions for each page.
  • and many more!